Next Step: Meditation & Beyond

Next Step: Meditation & Beyond is a 1½ hour class for those who have attended the Beginner’s Instruction, and who are interested in taking the next step in their formal zen practice. This class focuses on refining our understanding of meditation and the forms and ceremonies of Soto Zen.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions concerning the specific details of our practice in and out of the meditation hall at the Austin Zen Center. Topics covered include seated and walking meditation, chanting, bowing, and the various instruments used during service. There will also be a tour of the temple and time for questions and discussion. This class is highly recommended for beginners and anyone interested in furthering their understanding of this tradition.

There is a $15 suggested donation for this class.

Prerequisite: Beginner’s Zazen Instruction (Saturdays at 8am)

To register: call the AZC office at 512-452-5777, use sign-up sheet in the AZC foyer or REGISTER BELOW

Donations may be made online (below) or at the temple.