Kinder Inside – A Workshop with Lea Seigen Shinraku

Saturday, August 22nd from 1 - 4pm

In this afternoon workshop, we will cultivate and deepen the practice of self-compassion so that you can more skillfully meet uncertain times with a kind heart and deeper self-trust.  
The three key components of self-compassion are mindfulness, a sense of common humanity and self-kindness. In times of uncertainty:
  • Mindfulness helps us open to and normalize the reality of uncertainty, so we can more adaptively accept and respond to our experience.
  • Common humanity helps us open to the truth of interconnectedness, so we remember that we’re not alone in this time of unknowns, even as we experience social distancing and sheltering in place.
  • Self-Kindness helps us respond to our experience of not-knowing in a tender way, so that we can more easily recognize and give ourselves what we need in uncertain times.
Together, these components of self-compassion can give us a more centered sense of self to draw on when we feel stress and overwhelm. This workshop will incorporate short talks, experiential exercises, meditation, and small group discussion. It is appropriate for beginners and seasoned practitioners ~ all are welcome.

Program Fees: $70 for members / $90 for non-members

As always, AZC is committed to making the teachings available to everyone. To request financial assistance from our Scholarship Fund, or if you would like to donate to the Fund for others to be able to participate, please email or call AZC administrator Julie Strahan at 512-452-5777.

Lea Seigen Shinraku is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of The San Francisco Center for Self-Compassion. She has been leading self-compassion groups, workshops, classes and trainings for over a decade. Her approach is warm, relational and pragmatic, incorporating Buddhist and Jungian depth psychology, and an understanding of attachment theory and neuroscience. She also draws on her experience as a 20+ year Zen practitioner. Practicing self-compassion when coping with uncertainty is at the heart of her teaching, and she is grateful for the opportunity to share this workshop at this challenging time.