Hozan Alan Senauke Ascends the Mountain

Shin San Shiki  –  Abbot Installation Ceremony for Hozan Alan Senauke (Zoom Link)

On January 31, 2021 at 5 pm CST

PART I: Ascending the Mountain  (Shin San Shiki):

Procession (Shinmei shinsan)

The procession gathers in front of the temple, led by BZC President, and BZC Zendo Manager representing the administrative and practice aspects of the temple (Ryoban), followed by the new Abbot (Shinmei), and an attendant (Jisha).

Mountain Gate (Sanmon)

At the front gate, the Shinmei bows, offers fragrance and makes a statement .

Meditation Hall (Zendo)

The Shinmei offers fragrance. The Zendo Manager leads the Shinmei in a circuit (Jundo) around the zendo and invites the Shinmei to the Abbatial Seat.

Buddha Hall (Butsuden)

President Mary Duryee invites the Shinmei to serve.  Shinmei accepts with standing bow.  The Shinmei offers fragrance, bows, and makes statements to Shakyamuni Buddha, Daigen Shuri Bosatsu (Great Protector of the Practice Principle), Bodhidharma (representing all the Ancestors), and Mahapajapati, first woman ancestor.

Founders’ Hall (Kaisando)

At Suzuki Roshi’s altar, the Shinmei offer fragrance, bows, and makes a statement.

Receiving the Temple Seal (Jiden)

The procession goes to an area outside the Zendo.  The Shinmei makes a statement and exchanges bows and formal greetings with the officers of the temple, signs documents, and inspects and receives the temple seal.

PART 2:  Opening the Hall & Teaching  (Sho Koku Kai Do)

Teaching Robe (Dennei)

The procession re-enters the Zendo/Buddha Hall. The Shinmei is given a new robe by the sangha.

Supporting Statements (Sensho)

Gengo Akiba Roshi, Sokan (Bishop) of Sotohsu (Zen Soto School) in North America

Josu Mary Duryee, Berkeley Zen Center President, representing the BZC sangha      

Joanna Macy, representing the personal friends of the new Abbot.

Ascending the Seat (Todan)

The Shinmei ascends the teaching seat, makes offering and four statements:  for world peace; to all the Ancestors in this teaching lineage; to members, donors, families, and deceased members of this temple; and, to his root teacher, Sojun Mel Weitsman.

Invitational Bows (Monjin)

Jisha and the Ryoban bow to the Shinmei, inviting his teaching.  Jisha offers fragrance and leads a bow on behalf of everyone in the assembly.

Announcing the Teaching (Byakutsui-chi)

Hoitsu Suzuki Roshi, Abbot of Rinso-in, in role of Manjusri Bodhisattva, announces the Shinmei’s teaching:  “Dragons and Elephants, let us call forth the Dharma!”

Question and Answer (Mondo)

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Still Breathing Zen Sangha, New Mexico

Kenshin Catherine Cascade, Bird Haven Zendo, Cheshire, Oregon

Myoko Susan Moon, Lay Entrusted Teacher

Ryushin Andrea Thach,  Senior Student, Berkeley Zen Center

Jirin Jill Jameson, Diamond Sangha, Melbourne, Australia

Nanzan Harald Schoecklmann, Wind und Wolken Sangha, Germany

Kahi Andrea Henderson, Student, Berkeley Zen Center,

Alex Senauke, Son of Hozan, speaking from Sogen-ji, Japan

Teaching Statements from the Shinmei

Teiko – Fundamental Backbone Statement

Jago Byakutsui – Appreciatory Statement to Shinmei’s Significant Teachers

Jiio – Personal statement

Nensoku – Understanding of a Koan

Ketsuza – Concluding Statement

Hoitsu Roshi closes the teaching:

 “Clearly observe: the Dharma of the Dharms Sovereign is Thus!”

Concluding Statements and Congratulations

The Shinmei comes down from the Mountain Seat, offers informal thanks to all, and receives statements of appreciation and congratulations

Hoitsu Suzuki Roshi, Abbot, Rinso-in, Yaizu, Japan;   Translator: Paula Arai

Shodo Harada Roshi, Abbot, Sogen-ji,  Japan, Translator:  Daichi Priscilla Storandt

Roshi Joan Jiko Halifax, Abbess, Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rinso Ed Sattizahn, Central Abbot, San Francisco Zen Center

Sodo Ron Nestor, Senior Student, Berkeley Zen Center

Kakudo Peter Overton, Senior Student, Berkeley Zen Center

Ki Jin Hannah Meara, Senior Student, Berkeley Zen Center

Silvie Senauke, Daughter of Hozan

Kosei Laurie Senauke, Wife of Hozan, Berkeley Zen Center

Ending Procession

Shinmei, Jisha and Ryoban process to area just outside the Zendo for final bows

We have adjusted aspects of the Ceremony to be in accord with current Covid protocols.

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