Flowers of Compassion

AZC Sangha member Rich Graf has continued his labor of love & devotion to making offerings to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas amidst the Coronavirus shut-downs, despite the fact that only the residents can been able to enjoy them, until now.
A few words from Rich:
This arrangement is symbolic of my compassionate wish for our particular sangha and the universal Sangha.
This particular arrangement uses a number of different elements, first of which are pussy willow branches. Pussy willow is a traditional March element in Japan. It sprouts in late winter and is a sign for the arrival of spring. Furthermore, appropriate to our current time of disease, pussy willows symbolize “recovery from illness.”
The second element is calendula. Calendula are a hardy, cold weather flower that also presages the arrival of spring. Calendula symbolize “sadness of separation, broken heart and heartache,” which is how many feel in this time of social distancing, illness and death.
The third element is daisy flowers, which represent innocence and purity. 
This arrangement is a reflection of the conditions right now. It is an expression of compassion for the current suffering and a wish for it to cease. I hope this offering is of some benefit to our sangha in these difficult times.
– Rich Graf

AZC Altar on March 20th, 2020