Conversation Café on Community/Sangha

Saturday, April 13 @ 10:15 –11:30am

While our Dharma teachers are away at Tassajara monastery for the Sangha Work Week and for Rev. Mako’s Dharma Transmission ceremonies, in lieu of the regular Dharma Talk we will hold a Conversation Cafe. All are welcome to bring your curiosity, investigation, and spiritual friendship to this open discussion format!

About Conversation Café: Conversation Cafe is a simple and open community-based conversation-practice format for sangha members interested in having dialog with and hearing what really matters from other sangha members. The main practice is to first listen deeply, return to silence, and then speak from the heart when it is your turn. As a deep listening practice, everyone is encouraged not to think or plan about what they will say, but to allow whatever expression arises in the moment, from a spacious, open, and curious mind.

8:00     Beginner’s Instruction -or- informal zazen (classroom)

9:15     Zazen

9:50     Chanting Service

10:15     Conversation Cafe

11:30     Tea & Cookies