Endorse ITRC’s Climate Change Mental Wellness & Resilience Policy

Austin Zen Center endorses ITRC's Climate Change Mental Wellness & Resilience Policy

The International Transformational Resilience Coalition (ITRC) is a global network of mental health, disaster management, faith, climate, and other professionals working to build population-level mental wellness and resilience for the psychological and psychosocial impacts of climate disruption. Austin Zen Center endorses ITRC’s new Climate Change Mental Wellness and Resilience Policy, which calls for establishing community-centered initiatives nationwide that build population-level mental wellness and resilience for a wide range of climate change-generated traumas and toxic stresses. Perhaps you would also like to personally endorse the policy

History & Impact: The ITRC developed the new Mental Wellness and Resilience Act after hearing from our members across the U.S. and worldwide that individually-focused mental health treatments cannot prevent or heal the coming tsunami of personal and collective traumas generated by the accelerating climate emergency. A new community-based approach is urgently needed that establishes Resilience Coordinating Councils that: help all adults and youth learn mental wellness and resilience information and skills; builds and connects social support networks across boundaries; teaches residents how to take responsibility for fostering resilience in their neighborhood; and engages organizations of all types in creating a local culture of mental wellness and resilience.