Buddhist Books for incarcerated teens

The State Juvenile Correctional Facility in Mart, TX is in need of Buddhist Books or other media which will be relevant to teenagers.  Currently several 18 year old boys are interested in Buddhism and the center has no resources for them.   The Facility houses boys from ages 10 through 19.  

If you or your children have outgrown any books or CDs  that you feel would be meaningful to teens please consider donating them.  You can leave them outside the back door at AZC or on the library table designated ‘ for the detention center.’   

If you would like to make a donation to offset the cost of ordering some new books especially written for young people, please fill out our General Program Payment form, and write “Juvenile Buddhist Books” in the Program Name field.  We are also interested in recommendations for books for this audience.    

The cutoff date for donations is Sept 3, 2021.