AZC Staffing Changes

After nearly 9 years of dedicated service, our Administrator Susan Hansen is leaving her position as AZC Office Administrator. Susan has been a part of the AZC community for longer than any other staff or board member, longer than any but a handful of our members, and has been a beacon of stability through many changes and transitions within the organization. She has been a warm and welcoming presence to so many new faces, as they arrive at our office door with some idea of trying out zen practice. She departs with our best wishes and deep gratitude for her many years of service & support of our Center.

As motivation for this transition, the AZC Executive Committee, in consultation with the Board of Directors, have resolved to reorganize & update the Office Administrator role. We are diligently interviewing many highly qualified and wonderful job candidates, and hope to be able to welcome our new Administrator into the position by mid-September. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact AZC Director, Tim Kroll.