AZC Mutual Aid Project

Join our circle of giving, receiving, and supporting one another:

UPDATE: We are now trying out a “Mutual Aid” channel on our AZC Chat (on the Discord Server). This channel is where we help each other!


  • If you have a need/ask/request (anything from running an errand to needing someone to talk with to borrowing a book – anything!) – post it in the Mutual Aid (asks-requests-needs) channel!
  • If you have something to offer that you no longer need and that might be useful (an old zafu or a book that might be of interest or extra cookies from all the stress baking you are doing) –  post that in Mutual Aid (to-give) channel.
  • If you are looking for – or have info on – particular Resources and/or Social Services you can find/post those in Mutual Aid (resources-social-services) channel.
  • And lastly, if you know of someone who needs help but isn’t on the AZC Discord Chat App, contact Wendy and she’ll help get them set up!

Thanks for being part of our ongoing Mutual Aid experiment!


April, 2020: In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic many of us find ourselves struggling in new and unfamiliar ways. At the same time, there are ways both large and small that we can help members of our wider sangha when they are struggling. Taking care of each other is mutually beneficial and keeps us connected! This is a time for us to come together and support each other.

If you are struggling in any way during this time, please fill out THIS FORM to tell the community at large what you need. It might be as simple as a phone call or an email to check in, help with yard work or an odd job, something from the grocery store, or even some sort of monetary help.

If you have the emotional/physical/psychological or financial bandwidth to help fulfill one of these requests, or to offer any other form of help, please fill out the form to indicate what you may have to offer/share.

BE BRAVE and ASK for what you need!!
GIVE GENEROUSLY without creating a hardship for yourself!!

Click HERE to access the spreadsheet containing all the offers & requests for support that have been submitted so far.

Please note that this spreadsheet enables *DIRECT* one-to-one communication and sharing. For liability purposes, AZC will be unable to act as a go-between for folks who run into challenges, or who prefer a more anonymous request or offer.

Please email with any questions.

  • Able to fulfill a request?     

Reach out *directly* to the person who made the request.

  • See an offer that would meet your needs?     
Reply *directly* to the person making the offer.

Read more about the rise of such community-based mutual aid spreadsheets in this Vox article.