AZC Annual Meeting – Reflections

Annual Meeting Reflections

Many thanks to the sangha and board for contributing to our annual membership meeting this past Saturday! Mako and Tim reflected on the past year and provided insight on AZC’s vision for greater inclusivity and increasing diversity in our mission to offer a safe haven for self-discovery within the practice of zen. Reflecting on the past, the board recognized former board chair Ernest Caple for his kind steady leadership, as well as his perseverance in stabilizing AZC after turbulent times by empowering a solid practice leadership with Mako, Tim, and Pat.

The board committed to the sustainability of AZC, transparency in decision-making, strong membership practice, and community outreach. A few highlights:
– We set goals to have revenue meet expenses (sustainability).
– We are inviting up to two members of the sangha to our monthly board meeting as guests (transparency).
– We commit to establishing an active membership committee to help plan for community engagement.
– We invite the sangha to hold the leadership accountable for meeting our commitments, and to engage by offering their wisdom, compassion, time, and treasure in our open-hearted practice of saving all beings.

 – Dave Pietruszynski, AZC Board Chair

PLEASE NOTE: All shared Board of Directors documents (including Board Meeting Minutes, Draft Policies for Sangha Review, and the AZC FY19 Annual Budget) are available on our Member Portal, in the Board of Directors – Information & Discussion Forum. Please feel free to sign in*, check them out, and post any comments and /or questions.

*  If you would like to receive access to the AZC forums, contact the Web Manager to request login credentials.