2019 GenX Dharma Teacher Conference

Update: Read the Northwest Dharma Article HERE.

This past month Rev. Mako Voelkel had the opportunity to attend the 2019 GenX Conference with 45+ Generation X Dharma Teachers at Great Vow Monastery in Oregon. This year’s topic was on Ethical Transformation, captured by the phrase “where the rubber meets the road.” With an intention to look deeply into the role of ethics in Buddhist teaching and practice across traditions in fresh and open ways, there was ample opportunity to connect with one another through interactive presentations on topics like Creating Conscious Community, Ethical Transformation, Sex, Power & Students, and Governance. With a deeper dive into the Integrity and Enlightenment panel and Lineage Appreciation and Integrity rituals, there was much ground to cover! Thankfully there was still plenty of time for break-out Open Topic gatherings and community connection over meals.

Just being in Oregon at Great Vow with Chozen and Hogen Bays and their sangha members was delightful. The sangha took such loving care of all of the GenX participants, and even performed for us on our final evening High-to-Low Talent Show. An excerpt from their choir can be listened to here:

They also have a thriving marimba band at Great Vow, as part of their community practice.

The next Gen-X conference will be held 2 years form now, at a yet-to-be-decided center. Forging relationships with members of diverse Buddhist 

traditions is a key support to teachers and leaders of smaller temples like the Austin Zen Center, and lays the ground for greater collaboration in extending the Dharma to this ailing world. May our efforts at awakening permeate our actions of Body, Speech and Mind, and the Bodies and Minds of all Beings!