Spring Fair & Buddha’s Birthday – Help Wanted!

All are invited to help us plan, organize, and put on our Annual Spring Fair, which includes a Sangha Brunch and Buddha’s Birthday Celebration. This year’s Spring Fair will be held on Saturday, May 25th.

Contact Melanie Gulick or Josh Kopin to find out when the next planning meeting is or to find out more.

Specific Spring Fair Tasks: Lead for General Tables and Chairs Set up: 8:20 start time on May 25. Based on weather and final Spring Fair design, demonstrations, and timeline, get 1 – 2 others to join team and set up tables, chairs, other items as determined in advance by planning committee! Should be done by 9:00 and free to enjoy Spring Fair unencumbered!

Lead for Decorations: Volunteer to decorate to help make spring fair festive. You’ll probably want 1 – 3 helpers to consider what decorations you want in advance (doesn’t have to be extravagant or too fancy). Time: 1) as needed to make or buy/donate get donations of: decorations. 2) 8:20 on May 25 to 9:00: have your team show up to decorate. Remember – it may be outside or inside depending on weather.

Lead on food volunteering and food set up: 1) be responsible for creating sheet for sign up of individuals who will volunteer to bring food/brunch items for Spring Fair May 25 2) Be responsible to get people to sign up and bring things! 3) Be responsible for letting people know what time to bring things, and 4) be responsible for set up of food (and getting help to do that). Time frame on May 25: set – up food (depending on final schedule) for 11:00. (Katherine is already down to bring Taco Deli tacos and Mary and Maureen are working on food donations.)

Lead on Clean up crew. Be responsible for identifying 3 – 4 others to help with putting away materials, tables, any decorations and do the food cleanup (dishes, etc.). Time: depending on final schedule: about 1 hour starting at 12 or 12: 30.

Lead on managing the “Talent.” We already have tai chi and archery scheduled; working on two more (drums and calligraphy) so may need help nailing those down or finding alternatives. What you’ll do: be point of contact with each demonstration lead; touch base on needs, space needed, tables or setting for talent demonstration; determination of location and work with planning committee on final schedule.

Ensure talent knows when they are “on,” location of event, has your cell #for any questions, etc., and during the Spring Fair, you: help the talent with set up (or grab people as needed to help); are in charge of getting demonstrations to start and close down on time; and to announce the demonstrations to attendees (or get someone to do that for you!).

Time commitment: in advance: minimal sporadic to confirm talent; assess needs and make arrangements.

Time on May 25th: from 8:45 – 11:30 or so; managing and announcing the talent.