Saving All Beings: A Dharma Talk by Visiting Teacher Rev. Kyosho Valorie Beer

  • Teacher  Rev. Kyosho Valorie Beer
  • Date/Time  Saturday, July 13th at 10:15am
  • Location  In person & Online Zendo
  • Fee  By donation*

Kyosho Valorie Beer is a native of Southern California and has practiced Zen Buddhism since 1991. She was ordained as a priest in 2005 and received dharma transmission in 2013. Since 2001, she has also been a teacher of Sewing Buddha’s Robe and was trained in that tradition by Zenkei Blanche Hartman. Valorie was a resident monastic at San Francisco Zen Center from 2003-2014. Since then, she has been a visiting teacher to SFZC’s Branching Streams sanghas. Before taking up monastic life, Valorie received a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Southern California and then worked for two decades in Human Resources and Training & Development at high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. She also lived for 3 years in Germany. She is the author of four books, is a private pilot, and has a daughter who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.


One of the vows you’ll often hear at Zen Centers is, Beings are numberless.  I vow to save them.  That’s a tall order!  What does it mean, especially since Buddhism doesn’t send out missionaries to convert people?  And what are we supposed to save them from? Come delve into these questions with us. All are welcome.

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