Rohatsu Sesshin 2023

Capacity is full and registration is now closed. See below for waitlist.

Once a year we have the opportunity to join together in early December for a week of intensive practice called sesshin. This retreat, called Rohatsu, reflects and enacts the resolve and trust of Shakyamuni Buddha in his capacity to wake up fully to reality. This retreat culminates in our celebration of Buddha’s Enlightenment and ends our two months of Ango (practice period), together with the community on the following day.

Our ancestor, Dōgen Zenji, said, “To study the Buddha Way is to study the self, to study the self is to forget the self, and to forget the self is to be enlightened by the ten thousand things.” Thus we sit, walk, eat, work and hear the dharma to realize our fundamental nature. Many Buddhist sanghas are sitting retreat at the same time.

Join us for all or part of this retreat (two day minimum participation). Limited accommodation at the temple is available for an additional nominal fee. Contact for further inquiry.

NB: We strongly recommend that you have experience with one day sittings or sesshin at AZC or elsewhere before signing up for this retreat. In order to support everyone’s practice and effort, please make a firm commitment to whatever attendance you sign up for. If you have any questions about whether the retreat is right for you, the schedule, and other practice matters please contact the Guiding Teacher


  • Friday, Dec 1 – Evening Orientation: Oryoki instruction or review at 6pm. General orientation at 7pm
  • Saturday, Dec 2 – Thursday, Dec 7: day begins at 6am and ends at 9pm
  • Friday, Dec 8 – End at noon service and clean-up, preparation for Buddha’s Enlightenment celebration on Sat.


6:00am Zazen (10-min Densho)*

6:35 Kinhin

6:45 Zazen

7:20 Service (Servers to DR for Breakfast set-up)

7:50 Oryoki Breakfast

8:35 Break

9:15 Zazen (10-min Densho)* 

9:50 Kinhin – instead of service

10.00 Setup for talk/brief break

10:15 Dharma Talk•

11:15 Kinhin (Outside, if possible)

11:30 Zazen

11:55 Noon Service (Servers to DR for Lunch set-up)

12:05 Oryoki Lunch

12:40 Break

1:20 Work Period (meet in foyer)

2:30 End Work (bow out in foyer)

2:35 Body practice 

3:20 End Body Practice

3:30 Zazen (10-min Densho)*

3:55 Tea in Zendo

4.10 Kinhin

4:20 Zazen

4:50 Kinhin

5:00 Open Zazen (sitting/walking meditation, no bells)

5:55 Evening Service

6:10 Dinner

6:40 Break

7:20 Zazen (10-min Densho)*

7:50 Kinhin

8:00 Zazen

8:20 Kinhin

8:30 Zazen

8:50 Refuges

* There will be NO Han during this retreat. 

The signal for Zazen is 2 hits on the Densho 10 min prior to the start of the period. This means, “go to the zendo”. There will be 1 hit, 3 min before zazen is scheduled to start. You should be in your seat by then. If you are not, please wait in the foyer for the doshi and jiko to open the zendo. 3 hits on the densho signal the start of zazen. If you are late – i.e. after the one hit, 3 min. Before, wait in the foyer and bow as the Doshi & Jiko pass by. Take your seat after the 3 hits/start of zazen.

  • On some days, there will be chanting or a ceremony instead of a dharma talk. Friday will end with noon service and a brief work period. 

Subject to change


Please contact to be placed on the waitlist.

AZC is committed to making practice and the teachings widely available. Please contact Administrator Maida Barbour at 512-452-5777 or email if event fees are a barrier to participation for you.

Full refunds will be offered upon request for cancellations made more than 48 hours in advance of the retreat. Partial (50%) refunds will be offered upon request for cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance of the retreat.