One Day Meditation Retreat


Explore sitting with others in a full day of practice. Our zazen extends to sitting, walking, working, and meals. We will have breakfast and lunch in the zendo, using the form called oryoki, a formalized and mindful way of eating that has connections with Japanese tea ceremony. After lunch there will be a silent work period, followed by body practice, and silent tea in the zendo.

  • Orientation Friday night, Oct. 21, 7.30 pm (instruction in oryoki, Zen meal form, and retreat guidelines, short period of meditation)*
  • First period of zazen Saturday morning, 6 am (seats are assigned in the zendo, bring your own cushions if you like)
  • Dharma talk at 10.15 by visiting teacher Rev. Seirin Tim Schorre, Houston Zen Center
  • Breakfast and lunch will be served in the zendo; afternoon work period and silent tea in the zendo will be provided as well.
  • Dokusan/practice discussion will be offered (sign up during the retreat itself)

This day of practice is highly recommended as preparation for longer retreats and as a way of exploring what arises when we put down everything for one day and engage wholeheartedly in making zazen the basis of our every activity and experience on and off the cushion. Please join us!

Questions about schedule and practice activities may be directed to the Guiding Teacher
Questions about fees and registration should go to our Admin, Maida Barbour

*Two videos which present the oryoki meal form: Rev. Mako Voelkel is here; also recommended, Rev. Linda Ruth Cutts series of short videos, recorded at San Francisco Zen Center. We mostly follow these forms.

AZC is committed to making practice and the teachings available to all. Please contact Administrator Maida Barbour at 512-452-5777 or email  if event fees are a barrier to participation for you.