Conversation Café

Joel Stanley

March 1, 2018 @ 6:45 pm – 8:00 pm
Conversation Café

All are welcome to join us for a Conversation Café on a topic of our choosing!

We had our last Conversation Café on the theme of “Karma & Intention,” and ended up discussing the specific topic “How does our intention relate to karma in our experience and practice?” After a very lively discussion we ended with the thought, “sometimes you have to kill the pirate.” Please bring specific questions you’d like to discuss and together we will vote down to a particular discussion topic.

About Conversation Café: it is a simple and open community-based conversation-practice format for sangha members interested in having dialog with and hearing what really matters from other sangha members. Participants are encouraged to bring 2-3 conversation topics/questions that you would love to hear others’ perspectives on! Together we vote on a specific question/topic, break into small groups (of 6-8), and embark on a simple format of each person in turn speaking (or holding silence) for one minute during the first round, then two minutes, then a 15-minute open discussion, followed by a final round of each person speaking about something they heard from someone else that intrigued or moved them, made them curious, or that they found helpful or interesting. The main practice is to first listen deeply, return to silence, and then speak from the heart when it is your turn. As a deep listening practice, everyone is encouraged not to think or plan about what they will say, but to allow whatever expression arises in the moment, from a spacious, open, and curious mind. Find out more about Conversation Café HERE.

Past conversations have included the following topics:
1. How has being a part of this sangha changed your practice?
2. Can we make up our own vow (i.e. where does vow come from)?
3. What does safety look like in a sangha?