AZC Board of Directors: Coming & Going

It is with deep bows of gratitude and respect that we give thanks to AZC’s outgoing Board Member, Melanie Gulick. Melanie has been on the AZC Board of Directors since February 2016, and has served in a number of positions, including Board Secretary and Membership Chair. Melanie also notably helped support and guide the Austin Zen Center community through some very painful and tender times of change. While we are very sad to see her step off the Board, we look forward to welcoming her back into the AZC sangha population as a regular civvy!

A few words from Melanie: “I leave my role as an AZC board member with very mixed feelings and many thoughts. The concept that everything changes is a fundamental one, and for the first couple years serving as a board member you could say we went through some changes. The last few have been calmer. How exciting to work toward building a stronger foundation for AZC (in all senses of the word foundation)! Or so I thought when I first got started. However, excitement is not really the aim of a board of directors, and I can honestly say my performance was mixed. I give credit to the very talented and hardworking fellow board members with whom I served; to the devoted and delightful members and practitioners; to Rev. Doshin Mako Voelkel, Director Tim Kroll, and Practice Leader Pat Yingst; for the health and growth of our precious treasure, the Austin Zen Center. I am humbled by you. May we see each other in the zendo. I bow to you.”

While a few Board member nominations have already come in, the Board is very open to receiving nominations from our regular Membership. Please contact Board President Dave Pietruszynski with your nominations, and stay tuned for more information about our upcoming Annual Membership meeting on March 7th, where all pledging members in attendance will vote for incoming Board members.