Staying in Touch: A Letter from Koji

Greetings from quarantine in Minneapolis.
Things here are going as well as they can be. I’m unable to job hunt or work, but luckily I have a little bit of savings to get through the next couple of months. I’m fond of my new home and roommates and I do get out on walks to see the desolate city now and again. Social media is thick with both inspiring and concerning content. The most disheartening trend I’ve been seeing is the call to maintain “self-improvement” routines or “productivity” in quarantine. I hope we all can feel free during this time to take care of ourselves and each other without beating ourselves up for not working enough, exercising enough, reading illuminating articles, or learning to make the perfect loaf of sourdough. Feeling your feelings and surviving is plenty! And when I’m done subverting my anxiety by watching documentaries about Billy the Kid and looking at skateboards I’ll never buy, I’ll be making more teachings available on my website. In the meantime, here is some information about Rent Strikes and Debt Disputes. If you are interested in hearing about how this crisis exposes the extreme injustices and inequalities of our economic and social system, I recommend this video from Haymarket Books. Best of luck to everyone out there, hope to see you soon. 

Palms Together,

Koji Acquaviva Dreher