New Year’s Eve Celebration

Bring in the New Year (2020: Year of the Rat) Zen-style at the Austin Zen Center!

“Moment after moment we should renew our life, we should not stick to old ideas of what life is, or what our way of life is. Especially at the end of the year we should completely renew our feelings and completely clean even our cars. If we always stick to old ideas and always repeat the same thing over and over again, then we are confined in our old way of life. Some excitement or some occasion is necessary to encourage us along.”

– Suzuki Roshi

Join us in our Year-End Ceremony of traditional Soto Zen practices:

Come sit in stillness and presence amidst the raucous energy of the city!

Doors open at 7:45pm.

Suggested Donation (Sliding Scale): $20-40

Let’s begin 2020 by re-dedicating ourselves to extending wisdom and compassion for all!

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