Ongoing Painting Project & Other Unforeseen Obstacles

Join our efforts towards Re-Opening with your Contribution!

***UPDATE***: Due to many unforeseen challenges emerging in recent weeks (a broken washer, window AC unit, discovery of black mold in wall spaces, in addition to needing to hire a more skilled painting crew, etc.), this project and AZC’s ability to reopen is taking much longer than originally intended. We apologize for the strain this has caused to our membership (and our residents in particular), and ask for your understanding & forbearance.

As many know, AZC’s interior (especially the foyer and zendo) have needed a fresh coat of paint for many years now. After multiple attempts to get a volunteer crew together over the years (with limited success due to logistics, scheduling, and lack of staff), we decided to move forward and hire a company to get the job done in a timely and professional manner, especially as we head towards re-opening to our members and supporters!

There are several ways in which we would very much appreciate your support:

1. Volunteer: Given the challenges with finding a reliable painting crew we have taken matters into our own hands and are working to complete the painting ourselves. If interested, let us know when you may be available by filling out the below volunteer form. Someone will be in touch!

Please NOTE: We are only able to accept Fully Vaccinated volunteers at this time due to our wholehearted intention to protect our residents & other members.

2. Make a financial contribution: The cost of such a project (not to mention the myriad other breakages) has been much steeper than anticipated due to the significant amount of prep-work needed with sanding down the existing (& chipping) paint, especially in the beautiful trim around windows, doors, and columns. All contributions are tax-deductible and will go directly into caring for our space in this way!

We are grateful for your support & deep wish to return to in-person practice together, and appreciate all donations of time and resources – large or small!