Meditation Supplies For Sale

AZC now has brand-new zafus, zabutons, and support cushions for your home zendo space!

These are custom-made and ordered from the Miwa Futon company in California, and are the same as what we’ve been using in our zendo. We also have a few *used* gigantic zabutons that may be available for purchase. 
Prices listed below are for (members/non-members), and do not include TX sales tax (8.25%):
  • Zabuton – 30×34”                               ($55 / $64)
  • Zafu w/Kapok                                    ($40 / $48)
  • Zafu w/Buckwheat Hull                     ($40 / $48)
  • Square Support Cushion – 12×12”      ($15 / $18)
  • 1/2 Square Support Cushion – 6×12”  ($10 / $12)
  • Oryoki Set                                           ($45)
  • Meditation Tent                                   ($38 / $45)

If you are interested in purchasing cushions, please contact AZC Admin Maida Barbour, or make an online order below.

Sorry, we do not offer shipping! You will need to come in to the AZC office to pick up your cushions.

Meditation Tents

This single person pop-up mesh tent effectively keeps mosquitos and other insects out while offering great ventilation –  providing a separate space for meditation outdoors in the natural environment. With enough space for one zabuton plus some extended legroom, it is possible to remain protected in the tent while relaxing your legs after long periods of sitting meditation.
Instant and free of set-up hassles.
Mesh tent keeps mosquito and insects out while offer great ventilation.
Put your legs in the extended legroom to have a rest after long time meditation.

Easy to fold and pack in its own storage bag.Provides a protected space for sitting meditation outdoors in nature. 

Material: Polyester 
Color: Grey/White
Size: 130 x 100 x 100cm / 51 x 39 x 39in
Legroom length: 110cm / 43in
Price (nonmember/member): ($45 / $38)