Election Sitting Opportunities & More

Stay Calm & Do No Harm! Wishing everyone ease and well-being during this election cycle.

Here are a number of opportunities both in Austin and in the wider sangha:

  1. At SFZC Tova Green will be holding a 1/2 day sit: open online Zendo at San Francisco Zen Center’s City Center this afternoon between 1:30 and 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Periods of Zazen will alternate with periods of walking or movement, and occasional offerings of encouraging words. You are welcome to participate for part or all of the time. Here is the link to the online zendo.

2. Two Streams Zen in Westhampton, MA are hosting a sitting tonight:

On Election Night in the United States, Two Streams Zen will host a safe online space for those who wish to come together in the spirit of community.
Tuesday, November 3 From 7 pm to 9 pm (US/Eastern)
Meeting ID: 837 0573 7810 Passcode: 102376
Join us from anywhere in the world.
Feel free to come and go as you wish.
Peace, Power, & Love,
Anraku & Ryumon

Two Streams Zen Farm is a dedicated practice space for People of Color where the Teachings of the Buddha are made accessible to all who come through our doors seeking Sanity, Community, Healing, and an End to Sufferin

3. Braver Angels: Election Night Moments of Peace

From 7:00pm to 2:00am EST on Election Night, Braver Angels will be holding 15-minute religious and secular gatherings as brief places of respite on an eventful night for the country. An array of religious and secular/civic leaders will present and offer perspectives, creating a rich tapestry of gatherings that reflect America.

The night will feature the powerful testimonials of ordinary citizens (e.g., “Why This Biden Voter Bought a Trump Flag for My Neighbor”) and moving perspectives from religious and civic leaders (e.g., Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church Michael Curry, Catholic Archbishop Bernard Hebda, John Wood, Jr., and many more).

See the full schedule of presenters at the registration link below. Join at any time in the night that you’d like, and come back as often as you feel moved.

Register HERE: Moments of Peace: Coming Together on Election Night

4. Braver Angels: The Day After the Election

From 8:00-9:30 pm EST on Wed Nov 4, we will be holding a national meeting open to anyone.

We’ll take stock of where we are as a country and consider how we want to move forward.

Speakers will include Braver Angels President David Blankenhorn, Director of Debates April Lawson, National Ambassador John Wood, Jr., and a panel of Red and Blue friends.

Join us for this special gathering. Register Here: The Day After the Election

5. Protect the Results Austin: Dear members of the Austin Buddhist Community, In expectation of the real possibility of discord and uncertainty resulting from the upcoming election, a peaceful demonstration is being planned and organized by Indivisible Action and Stand Up America, to take place on November 4th – the day following Election Day. Members of our Appamada sangha are making plans to attend this event as a group. Through this action, we seek to add our voices to a public call for maintaining a free and fair election. By gathering with our brothers and sisters in dharma, we hope to support one another in manifesting our practice in the community in a manner that maintains and promotes peace, equanimity and compassion. We will also be mindful of actions that keep everyone safe in regards to COVID-19. We invite any of your interested members of your sangha to join with us. Those who wish to do so may contact Scott at bltsbrgr@yahoo.com or 512-517-6096 for updates and more info. If you would like more information about the action itself, this link can be used to join and receive updates: https://www.mobilize.us/ptr/event/344169/?referring_vol=3676333&rname=Scott&timeslot=2399760&share_medium=email_link&share_context=email_1 Also, if there your sangha is planning any events for which we might be able to provide support, please let us know!

Peace, Kim Mosley (512-762-6790) Buddhist Action Now, Appamada

6. Sitting with Uncertainty: Tonight from 6-8pm CST: Nov 3 Election Night Vigil Co- hosted By Khenmo Drolma and Soto Zen teacher, Tenku Ruff

Sitting with uncertainty, strengthening openness, the Heart Sutra reminds us that in this very messy moment, there is the potential for wisdom to arise. Establishing equanimity as our spontaneous response to whatever arises, we will alternate reciting the Heart Sutra with sitting practice. Registration: info@vajradakininunnery.org for Zoom and live on Vajra Dakini Page Facebook.

7. Berkeley Zen Center is offering an all-day online sit for Election Day: https://berkeleyzencenter.org/2020/10/27/bzc-open-online-zendo-on-election-day/