AZC Seeking Ombudsperson Nominations

AZC’s recently approved policies set up the role of an ombudsperson who can be a resource for anyone when a conflict arises in the sangha or with the AZC leadership that may be too difficult to address alone through the informal conflict resolution process. The ombudsperson may also be a resource if the concern is with the sangha itself. The role of the ombudsperson is to listen and carefully consider the legitimate concerns of all persons in AZC affected by a conflict or issue. The ombudsperson is a neutral party who remains impartial and unaligned, and who tries to be fair and objective in the treatment of people and issues.

The role of the ombudsperson is to facilitate the resolution of issues through listening, providing information, identifying issues, reframing issues, and exploring options. The ombudsperson will keep information secure and matters confidential.

The board is soliciting the nomination of sangha members who have earned trust and show the wisdom and maturity necessary for this role. Please carefully consider and make a proposal, submitting nominations to Rev. MakoTim K, or Dave P for consideration in the initial role. The board has decided to appoint one ombudsperson initially, and to appoint additional persons to this role as needed over time.

Further details about the role of an ombudsperson is contained in the policies available on the AZC Website Member Forum.

— AZC Board of Directors