AZC Board Members: Going & Coming

Mako Voelkel News Archive

At the Annual Meeting in February the Sangha voted 3 new board of directors into office. Since that time there have been a few changes. One is that Board member Tim Brisko has announced his upcoming move to Portland OR with his wife Melissa and son Jack, and has stepped off the Board before the end of his to prepare for their travels. Secondly, Bill Harnew (who briefly came onto the Board in Feb) has been moved to continue his support of AZC in the ‘chop wood, carry water’ way, instead of serving on the Board.

We are deeply grateful to Tim for his service as Governance chair over this past year, and wish him and his family the best in their new life in Oregon! And we are very happy to continue to have Bill as an ongoing and stalwart member of AZC, contributing his skills, time, and effort to deepening the programs of practice at AZC!

According to AZC’s By-Laws, when someone steps off the board before the end of their term, the Board may choose to elect a new member outside of the voting process within an Annual Meeting: “3.04. Vacancies. A vacancy in any office may be filled by the Board of Directors for the unexpired portion of the officer’s term.”

In our effort towards greater communication and transparency with the sangha, the Board would like to share some information about a new candidate to the Board of Directors: Dave Pietruszynski.

About Dave: Dave Pietruszynski began formal Zen practice during the early 1990’s in the Rinzai tradition. In early 2017 after a long interim where Zen practice was being husband, father, and engineer, he dusted off his zafu and has been sitting regularly at AZC. By choosing the Soto tradition at AZC he is challenged to have a beginner’s mind and seeks to act authentically from compassion. A practicing Catholic, he was drawn as a young adult to the overlapping contemplative mysticism of monks like Thomas Merton and Zen. A passionate outdoorsman, Dave recently transitioned from a career as a high-tech entrepreneur and now focuses on coastal wetland restoration. He is married to Mary Ellen and they have two daughters and two grandchildren, all in CA.

Please feel free to contact Board President Ernest Caple if you have any questions/comments, or if you are interested in learning more about serving on the Austin Zen Center Board of Directors.