Spring Practice Period Form Changes (5/2-6/2)

Mako Voelkel News Archive

Practice Period has been a time for creating a container that allows for deepening our engagement with our practice of studying the self and dropping the self, both internally and externally. To this end, AZC has implemented new practice period forms for the month. As we get closer to the end of Practice Period, what has been learned? Please feel free to share any comments about how the new forms have, or have not, impacted your practice. You may send your reflections to Rev. Mako.

Morning Program (weekdays)

  1. Extending the usual morning Jundo: after offering incense and offering 3 prostrations, the Doshi will walk around the zendo behind the meditators, in what is called the ‘kentan,’ or ‘inspection of the sitting platform.’ As the Doshi passes, meditators raise their hands in gassho without bowing; this joins Doshi and sitters in mutual acknowledgement.
  2. Morning zazen will include the use of the time-drum at the start of first period, and second period will end with the time-drum, han, and densho.
  3. We will chant the robe chant as usual, but it will be accompanied by the densho.
  4. Morning service will include chanting the Repentances and Refuges following the 9 bows.

Post-Zazen/Service Forms (for extending stillness and silence gathered in zazen)

  1. The bow with the Doshi upon exiting the zendo will be discontinued.
  2. Announcements in the circle will be decreased.