Overview of AZC’s Annual Meeting & Community Brunch

This past Saturday March 3rd, AZC held its Annual Meeting and Community Brunch. With approximately 40 members present, we enjoyed a delicious homemade meal together outdoors. After thanking outgoing two-term Board member Eric Travis, we heard from the AZC Board President, Secretary, and Head Teacher on the spiritual and financial health of our temple, and from three incoming Board candidates, who were voted into office by the present membership. (Hooray!)

We also heard reports on the work being done by the Safe Sangha Working Group from Bruce Smith, and on the AZC website and new software platforms from Joel Stanley. At the end of our time together we held a Loving Kindness ceremony in the Zendo, in which everyone offered incense and signed the yearly membership book.

A robust account of the details from this meeting will soon be available on the AZC Member Forum.

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