Dharma Discussion Group & Potluck

Join us Thursday, September 14th from 7:00-8:15pm in the dining room for a potluck dinner and discussion.

Last Thursday Ben and Rich met for a conversation over soup and salad. Ben, a yoga instructor, talked about yoga and how it helps one regulate energy in the body. He also described how yoga employs active breathing and restraint in eating practices. This led to discussion about zazen, meal chants and the practice of oryoki. There was a dialogue about Dogen’s views on the importance of cooking and eating as expressed by Shohaku Okumura in ch. 5 of Living By Vow. Rich expressed the view that the chapter in general was about the philosophy and practice of “food as dharma” in Soto Zen.

Next Thursday the group will meet as part of the monthly Conversation Cafe. This will be at 6:45pm in the zendo after the evening service. All are welcome to come enjoy a lively conversation about a topic chosen by the group.