AZC Leadership & Priorities Brainstorm

Held 9/2/17 at AZC

This past Saturday the AZC administrative and practice leadership held a focused brainstorm session on AZC’s top priorities as we move into the future. 30 active and dedicated leaders and practitioners came together to discuss the 10 following potential priorities:

1. Establishing a new set of ethical policies, procedures, and grievance process (Safe Sangha Working Group/Faith Trust Institute mission).
2. Conducting a new Head Teacher search (beginning with determining a process).
3. Reassessing the leadership/governance structure of AZC (including practice leadership and administrative leadership).
4. Establishing board committees (Membership, Development, Finance, IT, Repairs & Maintenance) and soliciting volunteers to join them.
5. Improving communication and transparency between leadership and membership.
6. Defining Mako’s job description/role at AZC and formalizing it with a contract.
7. Clarifying our financial situation and determining financial strategies.
8. Establishing and implementing Zen practice and training curriculum.
9. Hiring a director for AZC.
10. Undergoing a sangha-wide healing and repair process.

Next steps include summarizing the conversation from the meeting and opening the conversation to the wider membership.

Have another top priority that’s not on the above list? Send it to Susan at with the subject line “AZC Priority.”