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Will you volunteer to help someone who is sick and needs a meal, or a ride to the doctor? Or someone who, the day before their move to a new apartment, falls off a bike and breaks their wrist? Someone who needs a dog walker while they're gone? We all run into situations where we could use a little help. The sangha at AZC has always helped each other, and now we've decided to make it a little easier to ask for some help. To request to volunteer to help others, please fill out the form below.

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Kosho McCall, April 5, 2014,
"How Do I Cultivate the Way of the Buddhas?"

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Guest Practice

KesuInterested in either starting or deepening your Zen practice in a residential setting with others? Our Guest Practice program is a short term opportunity (one to four weeks) that includes meditation, study, work practice and discussions with other practitioners about Zen Buddhism.

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AJ Bunyard

Spring is one of our blessings—new beginnings, new life. But new life is a life not only of blossoms but of thorns and weeds. Life does not stay new; spring is inherently one part of a greater cycle of growing and dying. So we look deeper. What is spring when it neither comes nor goes?

Join the JustThis writers and artists in their examination of Spring.