The Austin Zen Center is a community of people exploring how to apply the Buddha’s teachings in the daily lives. As a member-supported organization, it exists due to the generous gifts of time and money offered by dedicated supporters. Declaring membership at AZC id one way of expressing your deepest intentions and aligning yourself with our efforts to share the Dharma with all who work through our doors.

We have 6 different levels of membership.

Level Gift
Limited Income Membership $25/month ($300/year)
Basic Membership $35/month ($420/year)
Supporting Membership $45/month ($540/year)
Sustaining Membership $100/month ($1200/year)
Friend of Zen Center Membership $200/month ($2400/year)
Sustaining Friend Membership $200+/month ($2400+/year)

Whether your financial situation permits greater or lesser giving we encourage you to pledge at the level that is appropriate to you.

The most valuable benefit of membership is the act of giving to and supporting something wholesome in this world. This cannot be over stated. Other benefits are things such as being able to have private interviews with the teachers, borrow from the library, voting at our annual meeting and receiving a discounted rate for retreats and classes. All gifts are deeply appreciated and your support will enable Zen Center to continue to offer a full schedule of activities. May we all experience the beauty of giver, receiver, and gift.


Dharma Talks


Shoryu Bradley, April 15, 2015,
What is Enlightenment?

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Mountain Seat Ceremony

KesuApril 11 2015.

This event is CLOSED to the public and to anyone who is not already on the Guest List.

If you are not currently on the Guest list but would like to attend, contact Mako requesting to be put on a WAITLIST. Please do not just show up for this event, as we are already far over our capacity.

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New Beginnings

Elizabeth Law

Our online magazine, JustThis, is now an active, alive blog rather than a magazine which comes out in issues. We post pieces as they come in to encourage conversation and interaction between the readers and the writers.

We use the Tuesday night Zen Writing group as the source of many of the postings. As well, we welcome other submissions for consideration.

Visit the JustThis writers and artists in their endeavors.