Registration Policy

Payment Methods

A check may be mailed as follows:

Austin Zen Center
3014 Washington Square
Austin, TX 78705

Please indicate clearly what event the check applies to. A check can also be placed in the donation box (generally) located in the foyer, or handed to the ino before or after a zendo event.

Please put cash in an envelope, indicate your name and the event to which the payment applies and place in the donation box or hand to the ino.

Cost of Events

Why Do We Have Fees for Events?
Ideally the Dharma would be offered for free. In fact many people offer their time and energy selflessly to make these events happen. And in fact we endeavor never to exclude anyone from participating because of inability to pay. However our events typically incur many expenses, from airfare for visiting teachers to food for participants.

Dana for Visiting Teachers.
Dana supports visiting teachers who greatly enhance AZC's offerings.


Dharma Talks


Kosho McCall, April 5, 2014,
"How Do I Cultivate the Way of the Buddhas?"

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Guest Practice

KesuInterested in either starting or deepening your Zen practice in a residential setting with others? Our Guest Practice program is a short term opportunity (one to four weeks) that includes meditation, study, work practice and discussions with other practitioners about Zen Buddhism.

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AJ Bunyard

Spring is one of our blessings—new beginnings, new life. But new life is a life not only of blossoms but of thorns and weeds. Life does not stay new; spring is inherently one part of a greater cycle of growing and dying. So we look deeper. What is spring when it neither comes nor goes?

Join the JustThis writers and artists in their examination of Spring.