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The Place of Forgiveness in Buddhism

with Head Teacher, Kosho McCall

Tuesdays, April 8—May 13, 2014
6:45 pm – 8:15 pm

Cost: $60 members / $70 non-members
As with all our offerings, financial assistance is available.

To register please see the sign up sheet in the foyer or call the office at 512-452-5777.

“To understand everything is to forgive everything.” –The Buddha

In Buddhism, forgiveness is seen as a practice that reestablishes our mental well-being. Buddhism recognizes that feelings of resentment and ill-will leave a lasting effect on our mind karma. In contemplating the law of karma, we realize that it is not a matter of seeking revenge but of practicing lovingkindness and forgiveness, for the victimizer is, truly, the most unfortunate of all.

When resentments have already arisen, the Buddhist view is to calmly proceed to release them by going back to their roots. Buddhism centers on release from delusion and suffering through meditation and receiving insight into the nature of reality. Buddhism questions the reality of the passions that make forgiveness necessary as well as the reality of the objects of those passions. If we haven’t forgiven, we keep creating an identity around our pain, and that is what causes our suffering.


Shoyoroku (Book of Serenity) Koan Class

with Tanto, Graham Ross

Thursdays, April 10- May 15, 2014
6:45 pm – 8:15 pm

Cost: $60 members / $70 non-members
As with all our offerings, financial assistance is available.

To register please see the sign up sheet in the foyer or call the office at 512-452-5777.

The term “koan” is loosely translated as something that is public or something that is available to the public based on a higher authority’s judgment on past events. In the Zen tradition, enlightening cases or dialogues of past Zen master’s have been collected as koans for study and analysis for future students in the awakening of the Way.

In this six-week course we will examine some classic koans from the seminal Soto Zen text the Shoyoroku (Book of Serenity). The koans that will be studied are from the roots of the Zen tradition and will bring forth an individual exploration of how unity and difference manifest in our lives. This study will put a subtle pressure on how we see things, and over time, with our own introspection and meditation, will develop into a broader perspective on our place in this world as practitioners of the Buddha Way.

Copies of the specific koans to be studied will be supplied, however it is highly recommended to purchase a copy of Thomas Cleary’s translation of the Book of Serenity.


Ongoing Educational Opportunities


Wednesday Night Book Group

Wedneday evenings, 7pm-8:30pm

This group studies various Buddhist books in a warm, fun and contemplative atmosphere. You need not have read the book beforehand. No cost for this group, but any donations are gratefully accepted.


Next Step Meditation Instruction

Next Step is for people who have attended a Beginner's Instruction class, and who are interested in bringing what they have learned to the zendo. Next Step is an hour and a half class where we will go over the forms and ceremonies in Soto Zen. We'll have a refresher of meditation instruction and will touch on things like how to move around in the zendo, bowing, chanting, and service. We'll also cover kinhin (walking meditation) as well. There will be time for questions and answers. We will meet in the main building (3014 Washington Square). There is no charge for the class, though a $5 donation is gratefully received. To register or for further information please call the office at 512-452-5777



Dharma Talks


Kosho McCall, April 5, 2014,
"How Do I Cultivate the Way of the Buddhas?"

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Guest Practice

KesuInterested in either starting or deepening your Zen practice in a residential setting with others? Our Guest Practice program is a short term opportunity (one to four weeks) that includes meditation, study, work practice and discussions with other practitioners about Zen Buddhism.

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